Female Viagra is expected to be taken not a lot more usually than every 24 hours, and it is supposed to be made use of regarding 40-50 mins prior to you are intending to have sex.

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You should also speak to your medical professional before taking it along with bosentan, prostate condition medication, HIV/AIDS medicine, cimetidine, conivaptan or isoniazid.

You should additionally speak to your physician before taking it along with bosentan, prostate ailment medicine, HIV/AIDS medication, cimetidine, isoniazid or conivaptan.

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The following adverse effects are sometimes feasible when Female Viagra is taken: inflammation in your face or breast, stuffy nose, upset belly, hassle and pain in the back.

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The adhering to medicines are normally mentioned to see to it your physician will suggested a dosage high enough to be effective, yet low enough to stay clear of obstruction with various other medications: rifabutin, medicines for seizures, barbiturates, HIV protease inhibitors, anticoagulants, medicines for high blood pressure, cimetidine, efavirenz, alpha blockers, other erectile disorder medicines, beta blockers, rifampin, erythromycin, and particular antifungals.